Board of Directors
Board members Al Nichols and Gene Young at the Hall of Fame Basketball Classic.
Board members Al Nichols and Gene Young at the annual Hall of Fame Classic Basketball fundraiser.

The Hall of Fame is guided by a Board of Directors, comprised of 13 members.   

This group of volunteers solicits nominees, biographical information, assembles a ballot and elects members to the Hall of Fame.
In addition, the board honors a member of the community with the Hall's Distinguished Service Award.  This award recognizes the meritorious service of individuals who have made a major contribution to the area of athletics in a supportive role.  A category to honor a male and a female Scholar/Athlete was added in 1996.  Awarded annually by the Hall of Fame, the honor is bestowed upon the students that best exemplify a combination of scholastic achievement, athletic excellence and community service.


Gene Young
(April 1986 - present)

Dan Beckeman
(July 2008 - present)
Vice President
Terri Clock
(June 2008 - present)
Jon Sepeshy
(June 2008 - present)
Steve Hoffman
(February 2006 - present)
Tom Kendra
(June 2008 - present)
Mike Mack
(August 2001 - present)
Al Nichols
(August 2001 - present)
Mark Opferman
(September 2014 - present)
Ron Pesch
(October 1991 - present)
Greg Pittman
(April 2015 - present)
Denis Potuznik
(June 2012 - present)
Tom Stribley
(August 2001 - present)


Ed Farhat*
November 1985 to March 1986


Dan Yates*
November 1985 to June 1988


Lloyd Wallace*
November 1985 to June 1988


Ray Hozer*
November 1985 to June 1988


Mike Skinner*
November 1985 to August 1989


Mary Ullmer
August 1989 to October 1990


Dick Fiet*
November 1985 to September 1991


Larry Harp*
November 1985 to September 1992


Don Badcon*
November 1985 to November 1992


Meriam Leeke*
November 1985 to July 1993


Ossie McCarty*
November 1985 to July 1993


Dick Hedges*
November 1985 to February 1994


Mike Heimler
August 1988 to August 1994


Lou McMurray
August 1993 to September 1994


Tom Clock, Jr.
November 1992 to February 1999


Ray Carlson
August 1988 to September 1999


Marc Okkonen
September 1993 to October 2000


Floyd Cook
November 1994 to May 2004


Mary Ullmer
December 1999 to December 2005


Cindy Fairfield
October 1990 to June 2008


Jack VanSchelven
September 1992 to June 2008


Bill Duplissis
November 1994 to June 2008


Tom Kampenga
May 1999 to June 2008

Jim Moyes
(August 1988 to October 2012)
Matt Duplissis
(June 2008 - August 2013)
Bob Page
(December 1999 - December 2013)

John Arter
(June 1994 - December 2015)
Vice President

Jason Piasecki
(October 2014 - January 2015)
* Original members of the Board of Directors